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Golf Ball Diving provides professional retrieval services to golf courses and is represented by a community of expert divers and course relationship managers. As a business unit of WaterDog Golf we are dedicated to providing quality golf course services using advanced retrieval methods, at terms that are transparent and fair.

Professional Golf Ball Retriever / Diver Requirements

Position – Independent contractor, commercial scuba diver, retriever in the golf ball recovery trade.


Education / Certification Level

  • proof of at least open water certification
  • active divers insurance.

Physical Abilities – Work is strenuous and includes moderate to heavy manual labor

  • be able to lift 65-pound plus bags of golf balls
  • be able to dive blindly without the use of a compass or lighting.
  • be able to dive in water in poor conditions normally under 30′ depth for long periods.

Scope, Duty, Expectations…

  • retrieve golf balls during allotted time frame without damaging course property and being considerate of golfers.
  • scheduled with the corporate office and coordinate scheduling one week or more in advance.
  • have all own gear, tools of the trade, and equipment needed to perform the task of golf ball diving / retrieval.
  • have the ability to transport, store and secure golf balls for eventual delivery to a shipping facility
  • be able to build and securely shrink wrap pallets for shipping.
  • coordinate shipping approval with area coordinator once you have an accumulation of golf balls.

golf-ball-pick-upDivers – You must have your own dive gear not limited to but including:

  • have exposure / thermal protection (wet / drysuit)
  • have regulator / full face mask (1st & 2nd stage)
  • have a BCD (buoyancy compensation device)
  • have weights, hoods, gloves, booties
  • have mask and snorkel
  • have scuba tanks (in current visual / hydro) steel or aluminum
  • etc…

Independent Contractor Status

faq-golf-ball-divingYou are starting your own business. You will receive a Form 1099 at the end of the year. A trusted accountant should be consulted concerning your record keeping and estimated taxes due the IRS. Before you begin, you will be required to sign a retrieval contract which in part, acts as a release of liability.  If you would like to know more please go to our FAQs section and or contact us.

Golf Ball Diving does not endorse, condone, finance, lend to, or employ any diver / retriever that works courses of an unauthorized property.

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